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Vitamin C

Hello, Its good to be back again virtually to discuss skin care and enable you to make informed decisions on what products and ingredients are best for your skin. I'm your skin care nerd and enthusiast and also a lover of Vitamin C.

I have had lots of questions on it lately so decided to answer some of the questions below.


Lascorbic acid is the most researched vitamin c and is the one that has the most science behind it for hyperpigmentation, lightening skin, collagen production and its antioxidant/anti ageing properties.

It’s very unstable and breaks down really quickly. Which may stop it from working. If there is any water or air which can destabilises it before it gets to the consumer.

Vitamin C protects the skin against UV helps protect against free radicals. And a great antioxidant.

It reduces sun burn and soaks up free radicals that are reactive so if they are in your skin they tends to react with DNA, and cells in the skin.

Which partly causes skin to age and therefore vitamin C prevents photo ageing and regular ageing.

Why does LAscorbic acid irritate my skin?

Because it’s an acid, which are irritating and they have a lower pH. Lascorbic acid has to be at a low pH to penetrate into the skin.

Its a stubborn molecule to get into the living layers of the skin where it can have a biological effect.

So if it irritates the skin then you may want to use lower percentage product or higher ph or a more gentler product.

Does price matter?

I will be doing a diy vit c for those who would rather try it at home in my next IG video. Expensive does not always equate to better but it’s important to get it from a trusted source. You can also go for lower percentage lascorbic acid for collagen stimulation and its antioxidant effect.

If its going to do the same thing like stimulating collagen production, provide antioxidant and helps fades scars and hyperpigmentation why go for an overly expensive product? When you can achieve this with an affordable option.

My vitamin turns my hand yellow, why?

It degrades into a form of sugar and gives a fake tan impression which makes it a little bit darker. This is not permanent it just a temporary chemical reaction and does not stain your skin forever.

Wash your hands immediately and if its turning your face yellow then it’s worth layering with an oil based product on top to limit oxidation to even it out.

Can you use vitamin C with retinol?

Yes but…… you do risk burning your face a bit as they are both irritating precautions not taken.

I use vitamin C in the morning and a retinol at night like a vitamin A derivative retinol. The ingredient pairing should be watched in order that lower percentage of retinol is used rather than one that combines a higher percentage.

Ascorbic acid is natural. Natural vitamin C is very low in concentrations. Silicones helps to stabilise them and prevent oxidation.

Is vitamin C supposed to sting or itch?

If your skin is irritated from a silicone based formulas then you may want to look for a water based serum or one of the derivatives and avoid solid Lascorbic formula. As silicones in themselves contain vitamin c which can cause further irritation.

Is vitamin C really necessary for skin care routine?

It depends on what your skin needs are. So if your concern is post inflammatory pigmentation, melisma and general hyperpigmentation due to sun burn and ageing then you will be wanting to incorporate this into your skin care routine. If you just needing it for its antioxidant properties and collagen then you could use other products and ingredients that do the same.

Can vitamin C be used in the morning?

It benefits in an AM routine pairing it with a sunscreen. As its an antioxidant

It helps to protects against the sun and free radicals which are very reactive on the skin.

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