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How do some people have perfectly smooth skin without enlarged pores or acne?

The short answer is: genetics. Luck. Enlarged pores are more common in people with an oily skin type. Acne is something you usually get if one or both of your parents also had acne (not always, but it’s very common). Life isn’t fair, unfortunately. I have also struggled with acne in the past and I know it’s not a walk in the park. I get so many questions about how to get rid of it from people who are struggling. However let me tell you something: no one has perfectly smooth skin. That’s not possible. Even the person with the best skin usually has some kind of skincare issue. Perfection is not real, and if you see someone’s photos and their skin does look flawless you can be certain it’s either filtered or the light was very flattering. Instagram models make a living out of this perceived perfection.

Do you feel ugly due to bad skin affecting your self-esteem? Watch this video on skin care and psychology. Credit: Luisa fanzani

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