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Do you know how skin care products work?

Since the day I became interested and passionate about skincare and through lots of

personal research realised that there are three types of beauty experts.

  1. Ones who swear by wonders of any skin care product (because they get commissions to do so).

  2. Expert's who acknowledge the lack of transparency issues in the skin care industry. They are aware some products are just focused on marketing, yet they do little to change the situation.

  3. Experts who acknowledge the problem and try to fix it.

This is why I came up with deveIoping products and selling them in a way that takes transparency seriously.

In line with our logo SB products -'join the skin care revolution' and stockist of Rejuvi products bringing you one of the lines used by top estheticians.

Product formulations must deliver and I believe part of delivering results based skincare is through educating people on knowing what to look out for in choosing a brand and knowing their skin in order to treat it.

Educating means helping a customer make an informed decision when purchasing.

How can you differentiate a high quality product from a bad one.?

The first thing you need to know is what makes a product work is a combination of factors.


1. What ingredients are in the product

2.The amount of these ingredients

3. How product is formulated(crucial)

A simple rule is reading the ingredient list and this is in descending order. A basic understanding of how cosmetic labeling works will definitely help you choose the best skincare products.

Check if there are any 'active ingredients ' ones that have a proven record of being able to address a particular skin care concern. For example hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, retinol and kojic acid. This is because they are backed by science.

Beware of products that don't address a particular skin concern and choose natural products from right sources, as most times they are not formulated in right quantities and pH levels are rarely considered and may be heavily diluted.

Infact while the presence of active ingredients is certainly beneficial their presence itself is not enough.

The formulation plays a huge role. eg. There are some ingredients that are active only within a certain PH level. If you make a mistake with the PH, the active ingredients is not going to work.

That is why you must know the credentials of the formulator when it comes to skin care. Have they acquired knowledge in skin care product making or are they working with cosmetic scientists.?

There is no such thing as 'best products' There's the product that works best for you which is a completely different concept.

Build upon the information acquired here on this blog. Speak to a skin care consultant.

START NOW by filling a free skin consultation request on our website for tailor made skin care today and experience the magic of beautiful skin.

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