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5 things you can do TODAY for better skin.

Day 1. The things you must do that no one told you is to consider taking a collagen supplement.

Why? Because collagen is the building block of the skin. You can buy this at health food stores. I will also put a link below this article to where you can get it and which type is the best.

As we get older the skin gets thinner and that's when you see the fine lines, wrinkles, crows feet around the eyes and generally crepey skin. Almost like tissue paper.

Could replenishing collagen in the body help to thicken the skin? Yes, studies have shown that taking collagen can improve the skin and it does work although some doctors have argued against it. It actually works, hu ha hu!!!!!!

Now that we have established this lets move on. Hydrolysed collagen in powder form is the best and I take two scoops in smoothies, coffee, tea, soups etc. Because its tasteless and easily absorbs in liquids.

Please speak to your doctor as this blog is not aimed at giving any medical advice nor are we qualified to do so.

Join me on day 2 tomorrow for your next secret tip to flawless skin no matter your age.

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